Knockdown Rebuilders If you feel that your home is of very old fashion but not interested to move from the area then you can opt for the Knockdown Rebuild of the old house and build a brand new at the same place. It is cheaper than building the new home in other place. So you can contact the knock down rebuilders as they take care of all the activities including the paperwork. Depending on the facilities available around the house the builder will design an affordable home. Some of the types of the home built by them are individual homes that do not have contact with the other houses and this will be free from the disturbance of the neighbors with more space. The next type is the semidetached houses that have a common wall in between the two houses. The builders also build the apartments and put it for sale so if you want to make any renovation you must get the authorization from the society owners. The terrace row house has the common wall that is more affordable for all the people. The bungalow type houses are luxurious with the garden and the garage area. The farm houses are constructed away from the city to avoid pollution and noise. You can first decide the budget then you can discuss with the builder about the budget and the ideas about the design of the house. They have the portfolio of the designs of the various models of the house for selection.